Girrawheen groundskeeper threatens to sue Clive Palmer over High Court border battle

Syan Dougherty7NEWS
VideoGirrawheen groundskeeper Phil O’Neill is threatening legal action against billionaire Clive Palmer

A Girrawheen lawnmowing man is threatening Clive Palmer with legal action after deciding he was sick and tired of the billionaire attacking WA.

It would be a David and Goliath battle — but great-grandfather Phil O’Neill says he’s up for it.

The humble groundskeeper has a message for the billionaire he has threatened to sue.

“Sit on this, Clive,” he told 7NEWS, holding a pitch fork.

“I’m just sick of him.”

Mr O’Neill said he believed the grass was greener on this side of the border and didn’t want Mr Palmer killing it.

He paid around $200 to place a notice in The West Australian on Saturday directed at the mining magnate.

“Should your court action to reopen WA borders be responsible for a surge in COVID-19 cases, causing restrictions to our lifestyle and business, I will start a class action to recover and loss of income due to your actions,” the notice said.

“Should a death be related to your actions, I will seek for you to be held to account.”

The 70-year-old insists it’s not a flippant threat, saying he has done his research and has received legal advice.

Mr Palmer is getting lonelier on his border stance since the Federal Government withdrew support in recent weeks.

But the billionaire is backing himself.

On Twitter yesterday he said Mark McGowan forced him into this position because the Premier ceased negotiations, declaring war against Mr Palmer.

The mining magnate has duelled in a courtroom battleground many times — but never against Phil O’Neill.

And Mr O’Neill wants to be heard loud and clear.

“Clive Palmer: Go home and stay home,” he said.

“No one wants you here.”

The case is back in court tomorrow, which will determine whether it will then go to the High Court in October.

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