Royals, Railways take wins

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Railways’ Thomas Mackay fends off Dongara’s Joe Harwood in the GNJFL under 14s.
Camera IconRailways’ Thomas Mackay fends off Dongara’s Joe Harwood in the GNJFL under 14s. Credit: Arctic Moon Photography

Chapman Valley extended their lead at the top of the Great Northern Junior Football League under-14s standings after defeating an inaccurate Brigades in their top-of-the-table clash on Sunday.

The Royals, who have been in sparkling form this season, burst from the blocks on the scoreboard and stayed in front all game.

But the real story of this game was the absorbing duel between two of the league’s finest footballers — Richard Bartlett (Chapman Valley) and Jed Hagan (Brigades).

In a thrill for football purists, both boys paired each other during the game — and ended as their respective clubs’ best players on the day.

Railways took another step towards finals football after recording an impressive home victory against Dongara.

A five-goal-to-nil opening quarter set the Blues on course for victory, with Elijah Burrows and Morgan Varney playing very well for the hosts.

Rovers put further heat on second-placed Brigades after running riot against St Pats, with Onyx Cross again in the thick of the action.

The tightest game of the round was at WA Country Builders Stadium, where Towns held off a gallant Northampton by 14 points.

In under-16s action, Chapman Valley were far too good for Rovers, while Railways squeaked past Brigades.

Great Northern Junior Football League - Round 8 Results


Chapman Valley 3.1 5.1 8.3 8.5 (53)

Brigades 0.2 1.7 1.8 2.16 (28)

Goals: Chapman Valley - M. Thompson 2, E. Whitley, K. Peta, X. Wright, A. Solomon, R. Bartlett, T. Delacy 1; Brigades - R. Pearce, J. Hagan 1.

Best: Chapman Valley - R. Bartlett, A. Solomon, B. Simpson, M. Thompson, E. Whitley; Brigades - J. Hagan, G. Sandy, I. Ronan, L. Brand, M. Goulton.

Railways 5.2 8.5 10.8 12.8 (80)

Dongara 0.0 1.0 1.0 2.3(15)

Goals: Railways - M. Thompson 2, E. Whitley, K. Peta, X. Wright, A. Solomon, R. Bartlett, T. Delacy 1; Dongara - Not supplied.

Best: Railways - E. Burrows, M. Varney, X. Lindberg, M. Ley, A. Priolo; Brigades - M. Symons, T. Craig, B. Shearer, S. Brown, L. Cocker.

Rovers 4.3 10.7 12.10 16.15 (111)

St Pats 1.1 2.1 3.5 3.6 (24)

Goals: Rovers - O. Cross 4, M. O'Brien 3, D. Duffy 2, D. Forsyth, B. Blurton, T. Burton, J. McVee, J. Jones, I. Lipple, K. Harken 1; St Pats - Not Supplied.

Best: Rovers - M. O'Brien, O. Cross, J. McVee, D. Forsyth; St Pats - Not Supplied.

Towns 2.2 6.3 8.4 10.6 (66)

Northampton 3.2 4.2 6.3 8.4 (52)

Goals: Towns - M. Marsh 4, J. Thurstun 3, T. Gallop, R. Mulcahy, C. Kelly 1; Northampton - T. Harvey 2, D. McDougall 2, D. Ryan , T. Danischewsky, D. Gill 1.

Best: Towns - R. Mulcahy, C. Kelly, R. Drage, D. Moody, M. Marsh; Northampton - D. McDougall, X. Cotterill, R. Hose, T. Harvey.


Railways 3.0 6.2 8.3 9.3 (57)

Brigades 2.2 3.3 3.5 6.9 (45)

Goals: Railways - S. Edwards 3, J. Osborn 2, H. Toomey, A. Wood, M. Perrin, B. Bunter 1; Brigades - D. Taylor 2, B. Bylund, B. Cockman, E. Grant, M. Byrnes 1.

Best: Railways - E. Wasley, A. Wood, K. Keating, B. Teakle, J. Wasley; Brigades - D. Taylor, K. Edwards, L. Lamberton, E. Paholski, E. Harring.

Chapman Valley 1.4 5.10 8.18 12.23 (95)

Rovers 1.3 1.3 1.3 1.3 (9)

Goals: Chapman Valley - Not Supplied; Rovers - R. Doble 1.

Best: Chapman Valley - Not Supplied; Rovers - H. Walsh, B. Cane, J. Brown, C. Boschetti, C. O''Brien.

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