Snoop underwater and dry off with eco towels

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Nemo snuba unit
Camera IconNemo snuba unit Credit: Supplied

Want to have a snoop underwater?

This snuba unit, Nemo, by Blu3 will take you below the surface without having to come up for a breath.

Snuba is a snorkel/scuba combo diving experience also known as hookah diving. It’s a great alternative for experienced snorkellers who don’t want to come up for air all the time.

The Nemo’s compressor unit floats on an inflatable ring on the surface and pumps air through a hose to the diver’s mouthpiece. It supports one diver to a depth of 3m (10ft) with a rechargeable battery pack that lasts over an hour. You are required to do a Nemo Online Dive Course before using the snuba unit. The Nemo system includes a backpack with Nemo, a Smart Reg, a dive harness, a battery pack and dive flags. It will cost you $1499.

Nemo snuba unit
Camera IconNemo snuba unit Credit: Supplied

The company also recently launched Nomad which can take snoopers down to 12m (40ft).

For more information visit

Masks and fins

A comfortable well-fitting mask and good pair of fins to propel you through the water with minimum effort will make your diving or snorkelling experience much more pleasant.

We have picked out a few options from the Mares range that in our opinion are among the best around.

Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin diving mask
Camera IconMares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin diving mask Credit: Supplied

The mention of liquid skin had us intrigued from the start because having a soft comfortable mask is a must. Mares X-Vision Ultra Liquidskin diving mask is made with a new bi-silicone and they have improved the facial geometry so it seals perfectly and comfortably to your face.

Pair it with the Mares Ergo dry snorkel and you are well set-up. It has a dry top cover and a lower exhaust valve for safe and comfortable breathing. You can find the mask for less than $150 and the snorkel for about $60.

Mares X-STREAM Fins
Camera IconMares X-STREAM Fins Credit: Supplied

Comfort and efficiency is paramount when it comes to fins and these Mares Volo Race Fins are among the best. They have a closed foot pocket and are designed to increase their efficiency with minimum effort. Channel thrust technology and rubber covered stabilisers help to make these some of the easiest kicking fins on the market. They come in two colours and we have seen them for about $160.

If you prefer an open heel set, the Mares X-STREAM not only look the business, they also perform extremely well. These top of the range fins are made from three different materials for maximum elasticity and durability. They are designed to provide the best possible thrust while minimising leg fatigue. They come in six colours and cost about $300.

Eco towel

Sandgropers will love these sand-free beach eco towels from Amity Blue.

Eco towels by Amity Blue
Camera IconEco towels by Amity Blue Credit: Supplied

The colourful towels are made from 80 per cent recycled plastic bottles and they are not only sand-free, they are super absorbent, quick drying, and antimicrobial.

Some even have a handy zipped pocket hidden in the corner to keep your keys and phone safe.

It takes 20 plastic bottles to make a large 80x160cm towel.

The product is endorsed by pro surfer and former world champion Layne Beachley who says she loves Amity Blue’s ethos and products.

The towels are available online from and prices start from $69.


After we published the story in Sunday Travel, Amity Blue experienced some problems with their website.

The problem has been rectified but because of the inconvenience the company will offer Travel readers a 10 percent discount until Saturday August 7 2021. To claim the discount use the promo code MALFUNCTION when you place your order.

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