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Q: What’s the most fun you can have for $25, and also turn it into $400?

A: Be a member of the Wander Lusters team at our BIG Travel Quiz last week.

In a full room, and with 45 travel related questions and games to play, our BIG Travel Quiz mixed facts with fun last week.

Teams came up with all sorts of names, quite literally. Indeed, the 10 players on Table 4 called themselves “Liquorice Allsorts” — up against the likes of Quizards of Oz, Flying High, Gasbaggers, Travel Tarts, Peregrinners and The Incontinents (who thankfully made it through the whole evening).

The questions were all based on stories published by us between July 27 and August 31. As quiz masters, Patrick Cornish and I wrote and presented the questions, which were specific to the audience — to our WA readers (why just buy “questions in a box”).

But we also threw in a paper plane challenge, with teams perfecting their planes, then one representative of each throwing them from the stage — one or two with spectacular results.

For all the fun, and relaxed and convivial atmosphere of the evening (nourished by nice platters), there was a more serious side, with $7000 of Flight Centre travel vouchers to be one.

Each member of Wander Lusters received $400 in vouchers to spend at Flight Centre — $4000 for the whole team. While about 60 per cent of the teams got 60 per cent of the answers, remarkably Wander Lusters got them all right, scoring a full 48 points.

The Time Travellers, in second place, received $200 each ($2000 total, scoring 45) and Peregrinners $100 each (scoring 44).

Our friends from Flight Centre were there in force, handing out the winnings and throwing in their own travel tips.

And they will be there for two BIG Travel Quizzes next year — with just as much fun, and the same great prizes.


Some of the questions …


1 Q: Which British castle has been the setting for the Downton Abbey TV series, and movie?

A: Highclere, and we didn’t even ask for the correct spelling.

2 Q: Which of these is South Korea’s biggest seaport? Busan, Daesan or Gunsan? A: Busan.

3 In 1983, WA won a famous yachting trophy … (1 point each for each answer – total of 4 points)

a) Q: Name the trophy. A: The America’s Cup.

b) Q: Name the yacht that won it. A: Australia II.

c) Q: Name the WA yacht club it represented. A: Royal Perth Yach Club.

d) Q: Where is the yacht now? A: Fremantle Maritime Museum (and we accepted just “Fremantle”).

4 Q: In which African country is the Chobe National Park? (And we gave a clue — it’s famous for its big elephant population.) A: Botswana.

5 Q: In which country is Bohemia? A: Czech Republic.

6 Q: There is a train between Cusco and Puno in Peru. It stops half way at a famous high altitude lake. Name the lake. A: Lake Titicaca ( and we accepted just “Titicaca” and accepted misspelling.)


1st = Table 11 (Wanderlusters) Score = 48 (100%)

2nd = Table 14 (The Time Travellers) Score = 45

3rd = Table 15 (Peregrinners) Score = 44

4th = Table 3 (Game, Set & Match)

5th = Table 16 (Lewis Family MacRobertson)

6th = Table 1 (Numero Uno)

7th = Table 13 (The Bowlers)

8th = Table 8 (Flying High)

9th = Table 9 (Quizards of Oz)

10th = Table 7 (The Incontinents)

11th = Table 12 (Wok and Rollers)

12th = Table 5 (Chanel No. 5)

13th = Table 4 (Liquorice Allsorts)

14th = Table 2 (Travel Tarts)

15th = Table 6 (The Jet Set 9)

16th = Table 10 (Gasbaggers)

17th = Table 17 (Golden Oldies & the Minder)


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