Tall & short of it proves early bird gets worm

Raelene HallMidwest Times
Raelene Hall meets Nic Naitanui.
Camera IconRaelene Hall meets Nic Naitanui. Credit: Supplied

The response to the photo I sent two of my kids was classic.

One told me to “GET OUT OF TOWN!” The other said texted “What the???”

Now what could possibly create that sort of reaction? Just their mother with one of the most well-known faces in their favourite WA footy team. Rubbing salt in their wounds was the fact I am not even a footy follower and this player was the only one I would probably recognise.

It all started with a friend inviting me to attend an event at Optus Stadium with them, a venue I had never seen other than in the media.

My first thought was to take public transport but as the trains don’t stop at the nearest station if it’s not a game day I decided to bite the bullet and drive in.

I put the destination into the map app on my phone and set off. All went smoothly until I arrived at the stadium and was sure the parking place wasn’t the one I wanted to be in.

After numerous trips up, down and around I eventually figured out where I wanted to be, no doubt leaving a legacy of cursing drivers in my wake as I changed my mind and direction in rapid succession. It was probably more good luck than management I (and the car) arrived in once piece — but we did.

As always I was way too early because I never trust myself, the map directions or the traffic.

In need of a pit stop I decided to grab a drink at The Camfield Hotel at the stadium to justify using their loos.

The interior was fairly empty and as I walked past a bloke at a table I thought, “there’s a height and hair style that’s hard to disguise”. On my return he was just leaving his table and I decided it was too good an opportunity not to get one up over my West Coast loving kids.

A quick question, a quick photo and job done. Thanks mate. You are a champ of a person.

Daughter says later, “gee Mum you look short!” Believe me I felt damned short. Not helped when you look at the photo and see he isn’t even standing upright. He had to bend over to put his arm around my shoulders. Thanks Nic — I think!

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