Station Life: Working in the wide, blue yonder has its diversions

Raelene HallMidwest Times
The view from Raelene Hall's office for the day.
Camera IconThe view from Raelene Hall's office for the day.

I’ve always envied those people who had the ability to take their work to a coffee shop or another venue outside of their office.

Today I got to actually do that. I’m writing this column while sitting at a beachfront cafe down Fremantle way with the ocean breeze in my face, the waves rolling in and seagulls squawking at my feet.

I’ve just indulged in a watermelon and feta salad along with some sweet potato chips and a lemon, lime and bitters to wash it all down. Beats my usual menu at home. Now to get back to “work”. What I didn’t take into account was all the distractions.

Watching the ocean is such a novelty for me I could easily waste an hour just gazing at it and the rhythm of the waves is almost hypnotic. Dragging my eyes away and back to the computer I try to concentrate, but the parade of people walking past has me wondering about their lives. The heavily tattooed couple (including their faces) had me thinking of the cost and, more than that, the pain of having all those done.

Down on the beach, just to the left of me, I see a pile of chairs and people trying to erect an arch, which then had two large flower arrangements attached to it. Not an easy task as it’s pretty windy. Now someone is raking the sand and a rug is being laid on the sand. It looks like someone is getting married this afternoon.

Oh look, here comes the groom and his groomsmen, followed by a mum shepherding three little girls in matching frocks and flower-decked sandals.

By the time I left they were barefoot and playing in the sand. I’d hoped to see the bride arrive, but I had to leave before she did. I hope their wedding was everything they dreamed of.

Just before I finished my column, a freight train rumbled past behind me — another sound and sight you won’t see from too many offices, certainly not from my usual office. As I packed up my computer I mused over our ability to work from so many places.

How much work do people really achieve outside the office though?

For an inveterate “sticky beak” like me it may be not be conducive to work, but I got this column done at least.

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