Size of shopping centres overwhelms

Raelene HallMidwest Times
Big is not necessarily better for shopping centres.. (Photo Getty Images)
Camera IconBig is not necessarily better for shopping centres.. (Photo Getty Images) Credit: Getty Images

How large do shopping centres really need to be?

These days, you need a cut lunch and a water bag to circumnavigate one. In fact, a horse would come in handy.

I don’t know that they should even be called a shopping centre any more.

Perhaps your “home away from home” would be more truthful when you consider what you can do while at the shopping centre.

Want to read the daily paper?

No problem — just find one of those spaces that seem to have no name but offer a seat and the paper. Grab a coffee first and chill out.

Need a massage before/after your shopping?

There’s massage businesses in all shopping centres.

Once you are all relaxed, you can get your hair cut, toenails painted and legs waxed, or if you are more of the masochist type, there is probably a gym in/right near the shopping centre.

Post the mail, do the banking and while you have free wi-fi and charging, catch up on all your social media.

There’s always plenty of comfy seating options throughout the centres.

While you’re at it, why not check your internet/phone provider, upgrade your phone or get a better deal.

Phone not working? Plenty of mobile service centres around.

Don’t forget to pick up that lucky lottery ticket and while you are feeling lucky, pop into the travel agent and see what is on offer. Doesn’t cost anything to dream. Speaking of dreaming, you can always check out the latest movies on offer at the cinema.

Did that toffee apple break a tooth? Damn. Head for the dentist — there’s bound to be one in the shopping centre, but if you are worried about the cost, there is a good chance your health insurer has an office nearby too.

If you left the house in a rush and had no time for putting on make-up, check out the beauty bars and ask for a demo. Just be very strong minded about not buying the products after, unless you are sure that lotto ticket will come through.

There are two things shopping centres need if they insist on growing ever larger — one is more information signs where shops are located. I prefer not to walk the distance to the next suburb only to find the shop was back near where I started.

Secondly, we can please have travelators — or a horse!

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