Simple acts of kindness lift the worry cloud

Raelene HallMidwest Times
Happy senior woman spending leisure time with friends in nursing home
Camera IconHappy senior woman spending leisure time with friends in nursing home Credit: Morsa Images/Picture: Getty Images

Worry seems to be a noose around our necks these days.

We worry about job security, mortgages, drought or floods, personal safety and homelessness among other things.

It’s like a dark cloud is enveloping us all and it can be difficult to see through it.

A visit to a shopping centre in the city the other day reminded me just how easy it is to find brightness in a day.

None of it cost me time, money or physical effort, yet left me feeling on top of the world.

My family will tell you I have a habit of talking to random strangers anywhere, anytime, and I have a particular affinity for babies and the elderly.

Walking through the shopping centre I passed an older gentleman sitting patiently on his walker, perhaps waiting for his wife, a friend or family member.

I walked past, then on the spur of the moment, turned back and said to him: “You would think someone would bring you a cup of tea and a scone while you’re sitting there waiting.”

He gave me the biggest grin and said: “Yes, you would think so wouldn’t you?”

We chatted for a couple of minutes and, as I walked off with a spring in my step, he sang out: “Have a good day, love!”

As I was exiting the carpark I stopped to allow some people to cross in front of me.

Just as I was about to move on, two ladies came out of the shops and obviously wanted to cross in front of me also.

Being in no rush and with no cars behind me, I smiled and waved them across. One of the ladies turned and gave me the biggest beaming smile and a wave.

I drove off feeling like I’d been given a gift.

At the traffic lights I glanced to my left at an old-fashioned red sports car, maybe a Jaguar or similar.

Looking at the driver I saw one of those older women who seem ageless.

Seeing me watching her she gave me a smile and thumbs up. It was like saying “us old gals can do anything we want”.

I came home realising that it really isn’t so difficult to lift that hovering cloud.

Just enjoy the simple things.

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