Railways on track after thrilling win

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Several sides recorded emphatic victories in round 5 of the Great Northern Junior Football League competition last weekend.

In the under-14s, Railways and Towns fought out a thriller at WA Country Builders Stadium, with the Blues holding on for a slender four-point victory.

Other games across the region were more one-sided, with Chapman Valley, Rovers and Brigades all giving their respective opponents a bath.

Both under-16s games were largely competitive, with the round beginning last Friday evening at GBSC Sports Park.

Heading into the game, Chapman Valley and Brigades were both considered genuine flag hopefuls, with the Hawks in prime position to test the polished Valley outfit.

Despite showing plenty of endeavour, the Hawks were unable to quell the Valley’s elite midfielders, who supplied excellent delivery into the forward line.

Railways joined the Royals at the top of the under-16s ladder after their workmanlike win over a gallant Towns.

Chapman Valley’s Josh Prunster (in possession) is surrounded by teammate Robert Gibson and Brigades’ Eli Grant during Friday night’s clash.
Camera IconChapman Valley’s Josh Prunster (in possession) is surrounded by teammate Robert Gibson and Brigades’ Eli Grant during Friday night’s clash. Credit: Arctic Moon Photography
Josh Prunster (CV) kicks clear from Brigades’ Crawford Symington.
Camera IconJosh Prunster (CV) kicks clear from Brigades’ Crawford Symington. Credit: Arctic Moon Photography
Kurt Crudeli (Railways) evades Drew Hart (Towns) on the cusp of the boundary line.
Camera IconKurt Crudeli (Railways) evades Drew Hart (Towns) on the cusp of the boundary line. Credit: Arctic Moon Photography



Towns 0.0 2.3 4.3 5.6 (36)

Railways 1.3 4.3 6.4 6.4 (40)

Goals Railways - M. Ley 4, K. Zis 2. Goals Towns - M. Marsh 2, C. Kelly 2, R. Mulcahy 1.

Best Railways - R. Mulcahy, R. Drage, J. Chapman, J. Pieterse, C. Kelly. Best Towns - A. Priolo, E. Burrows, X. Lindberg, J. Hollins, L. Hodge.

Chapman Valley

7.7 16.8 21.11 27.18 (180)*

St Pats 0.0 0.0 0.1 1.1 (7)

Goals Chapman Valley - R. Bartlett 4, X. Wright 4, M. Wall 3, B. Edwards 3, B. Councillor 2, C. Comeagain 2, K. Peta 2, E. Maynard 2, B. Simpson 2, A. Randall, R. Oliver, A. Solomon 1.

Goals St Pats - L. Kanny 1.

Best Chapman Valley - M. Thompson, E. Whitley, R. Bartlett, X. Wright, B. Simpson. Best St Pats - R. Boys, L. Kanny, B. Luxton, L. Morphew, A. McAuliffe.

Rovers 5.2 5.5 10.8 17.10 (112)*

Dongara 0.0 0.1 3.3 5.4 (34)

Goals Rovers - T. Satie 4, M. O''Brien 2, O. Cross 2, D. Duffy 2, B. Blurton 2, S. Brennan 2, C. Ponta, J. McVee, T. Burton 1. Goals Dongara - T. Craig 2, B. Shearer 2, R. Zimmermann 1.

Best Rovers - J. McVee, T. Satie, G. Conley, S. Brennan, J. Unbehaun.

Best Dongara - S. Brown, T. Craig, W. Cachard, J. Sternick, T. Peacock.

Northampton 0.0 0.0 0.1 1.2 (8)

Brigades 7.8 13.13 18.15 23.21 (159)*

Goals Brigades - Not supplied. Goals Northampton - Not supplied

Best Brigades - Not supplied. Best Northampton - A. Carruth, X. Cotterill, D. McDougall, D. Chalmers, M. Bramwell.


Brigades 1.2 2.6 4.7 5.7 (37)

Chapman Valley 3.1 4.3 7.4 10.7 (67)

Goals Chapman Valley - J. Carroll 4, J. Prunster 2, J. Cassin 2, M. Wright 2. Goals Brigades - E. Paholski 2, B. Cockman, A. Mason, J. Edwards 1.

Best Chapman Valley - D. Rowe, G. McKenna, J. Carroll, J. Narkle, M. Wright. Best Brigades - E. Grant, L. Lamberton, C. Symington, K. Edwards, C. Pirrottina.

Towns 0.0 0.0 4.0 4.0 (24)

Railways 3.3 7.8 8.9 9.18 (72)

Goals Railways - J. Osborn 4, C. Teakle, A. Bartolo, R. Ullrich, B. Bunter, F. Morrissey 1. Goals Towns - J. Green-Headland 2, O. Dann, E. Hodge 1. Best Railways - R. Ullrich, M. Hughes, K. Crudeli, A. Bartolo, J. Osborn. Best Towns - J. Delacy, O. Thomas, O. Dann, D. Ranger, D. Forrester.

* The GNJFL operates a scoring system where if the margin exceed 60 points at full time, the winning team’s final score is adjusted to 60 points higher than the final score of the defeated side. All information from GNJFL clubs.

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