Pom in Oz: Queen Elizabeth and royal family’s position in 21st century is pointless

Derek GoforthMidwest Times
Queen Elizabeth II speaks during an audience at Windsor Castle.
Camera IconQueen Elizabeth II speaks during an audience at Windsor Castle. Credit: Steve Parsons/AP

Being a Pom in Oz often leads to certain assumptions being made. I am a whinger (only partially true), I love tea and cricket (quite true) and I must love Queen Elizabeth II.

So if there was a place that was so far away from the truth it would cross multiple time zones, that’s where I am from the last presumption. I am certainly not saying I hate the Queen or bear her or her family any ill will, but I literally cannot see the point of her position in the 21st century.

I actually got called heartless yesterday because I was asked if I was concerned about the Queen being diagnosed with COVID. What I actually responded with was: “why would that be my concern?”

Sure she is another human and I wish her a speedy recovery, as I would do with a stranger in the supermarket I had never met. I hope she isn’t suffering with her army of doctors and nurses at her beck and call. I hope she is making the most of her 24-hour a day, seven-day a week medical assistance she has on site. I would certainly never wish harm upon her, why would I?

But I am more concerned about her than any of the millions of people suffering in the world? Absolutely not. Again why on earth would I be? As a working class boy from the largest council estate in England her position is completely alien and bordering on offensive to me.

I can never wrap my head around someone being born into abject wealth and position. I have a lot by western standards — a nice car, big house, the ability to pretty much buy what I like (within reason), but I have worked very hard to get to that stage. Other than being born into the right family what did Elizabeth, Charles, Andrew, Anne and company do to earn what they have?

I thought I would leave the royal love well behind when I left the motherland back in 2009, but it is still alive and well in the land Down Under. I honestly don’t know why. Why on earth is she still on our money? Our stamps? It beggars belief.

Yes, they may be great for tourism, but so is Harry Potter World, so is Wave Rock and the Blowholes. But at least they make sense, at least they don’t cost the taxpayers millions every year to keep them in caviar and solicitor fees.

It’s not enough anymore, simply to exist because Britain is a monarchy. It’s called the 21st Century and perhaps the Commonwealth needs to move farther into it?

But once again this is just the opinion of a Pom (who is very glad he is) in Oz.

Derek Goforth is a teacher at Geraldton Christian College

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