OPINION: Ten reasons to take heart during COVID-19 outbreak

Derek GoforthMidwest Times
To our doctors and nurses to our porters and admin assistants — thank you.
Camera IconTo our doctors and nurses to our porters and admin assistants — thank you. Credit: Getty Images/Tetra images RF

Try to remain calm.

It’s a cliché, but its value has become very apparent over the past few weeks.

This ‘C’ virus has had our society up in arms.

It has us all not knowing which way to turn and which news to believe.

Try to remain calm.
Camera IconTry to remain calm. Credit: Supplied

There has been a lot of negative talk and people are finding it hard to focus on anything positive.

This may of got even worse by the time this opinion piece goes to print.

Well I need a change of pace.

I have compiled my top 10 list of the positive and life-affirming things I have experienced these past few weeks.

10/ Our shop assistants smiling and laughing despite to extra pressures that have been placed on them — some staff pulling 36-plus-hour shifts.

9/ Facebook and social media posts of families showing their creative methods of home schooling, cooking, cleaning, reading. Who needs Home Ec, Science and English lessons?

8/ The impact this is having on our environment. From the clear canals of Venice to the lack of smog in China.

7/ Our wonderful hard working health professionals, from our doctors and nurses to our porters and admin assistants — thank you from the bottom of my heart.

6/ Our kids, for the most part, are doing there part. They have stayed home when asked to. Our younger generation is giving me hope. They do care, they are aware of who surrounds them.

5/ Our police, whose job I would not chose to do even at the best of times. But they are here, they are with us and they are also pulling double sometimes triple shifts to keep us ticking along.

4/ Our schools. My teacher, education assistants and support staff brethren. Never before have I felt in such awe of you all. You have stood on the front line with limited resources and you have done so with grace and dignity. You have shown even our harshest critics our true worth in our society. Be proud of yourselves my friends, be happy you have done the right thing, the best thing for our student well being.

3/ Our mayor. He is working with his team behind the scenes to do all the city can to prepare for whatever is coming. He has done this with a calm and reassuring manner — he has not risen to the hysteria that some pollies have.

2/ My family. My wife and kids are my rock, which has become as hard as cast iron over recent times. Unbreakable, solid and something I will remain grateful for to my last breath. Look to your loved ones in these times, be there for them and expect the same in return.

1/ You all. Throughout these last few weeks I have been constantly amazed by the amount of micro gestures of positivity I have seen. From people sharing smiles and glances, to people going out of their way to shop for those in need. I have seen first hand and through social media that our Mid West community is one to be proud of. I am proud to be a Pom in Oz!

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