OPINION: Push bike fits right in with life’s fitness cycle

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Derek Goforth
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One thing I have always struggled with in my “fitness journey” is keeping my interest up.

I have done a wide variety of activities, some intense like boxing and CrossFit, and some less so, like jogging, running, swimming and hill walking.

I know others will have their own opinions on what qualifies as intense and not, but that’s how I saw them. I have loved them all, but as with most things, my interest wanes.

My other main issue is simply timing — fitting my fitness regime in with the rest of my life.

So that’s what led me to cycling.

It seemed like something that would tick a few boxes for me.

First box: getting a decent workout — well, yep, tick. Cycling is low-impact, and can be scaled to suit your need. You can choose flat streets or go for some big hills.

You can go at a leisurely pace or go for a sprint or two. It’s great to get the heart racing, but I can also cool off at the end.

Cost — this is a big tick for me.

After the initial investment and occasional maintenance, there is very little cost. In fact for me it saves me a lot of cash as I commute to work and back.

Time — another big tick. My main cycling is simply to and from work. I only work about 5km from my house and can actually do door-to-door in not much more time than driving, if we include parking and bits and bobs.

It makes sense simply because it replaces an activity I would be doing anyhow.

Mental health — yes, another big tick. I think it’s so important to take as much time as you can to connect with your environment.

While I am cycling, I often feel like a tourist in my own neighbourhood. I see animals, people and surroundings that I just wouldn’t if I was zipping by in a car. I smell things, I hear things, and I see things that would simply pass me by in a car.

My advice to everyone?

Get on your bike, slow down a bit, and smell the roses!

Derek Goforth is a teacher at Geraldton Christian College

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