OPINION: Not even a whisper from those who shout loudest

Raelene HallMidwest Times
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Social media became part of my life many years ago. In all those years, I have constantly fought the good fight for farmers.

Fought against those who believe we are cruel to animals, that we have no right to provide protein for other countries, that every cropping farmer is trying to poison the world by using best practice in destroying weeds, and those who feel there is absolutely no need for farmers in the world we currently live in.

Yet here we are, in the midst of a pandemic, which has people losing their minds over basics such as toilet paper, and our politicians are telling people not to panic; that there’s no need to hoard supplies because our farmers can produce more than enough food for everyone.

People are being told they won’t starve as long as we have Aussie farmers.

Is it any wonder some farmers feel like just holding up their middle finger to many of the general population and saying: “bugger you, Jack”?

After being maligned, abused, stolen from, laughed at and mocked, accused of horrific things and had their lives and those of their families threatened, is it any wonder?

Remember the old adage, “you shall reap what you sow”?

Well now is the time farmers could well choose to put that into action but you know what? They won’t.

Do you know why? Oh yes, I have no doubt some will say “it’s just because they are greedy and money-hungry”.

The reality is they will continue to farm and produce food for their fellow Australians because they are proud of what they do and know the value of what they produce.

They know their role, and the importance of it, in feeding our country — and others as well.

Suddenly the never-ending attacks on farmers and their way of making a living seem to have gone very quiet.

Those who were shouting the loudest are not even whispering at present.

Why would that be, I wonder?

Are they too busy trying to stockpile food that farmers produce, in case of a long period of isolation? One has to wonder.

Oh, and by the way, all of you who believe we shouldn’t be breeding cattle due to their methane emissions, what are you going to do about the human emissions from the tins of baked beans that have flown off supermarket shelves?

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