OPINION: Little visitors bring joy

Raelene HallMidwest Times
A washing trolley doubles as a truck for young boys playing construction sites in an outback yard.
Camera IconA washing trolley doubles as a truck for young boys playing construction sites in an outback yard. Credit: Raelene Hall/Supplied

Yesterday I got dumped for a truck. It wasn’t my hubby, although if a new, shiny rig came along, it could happen!

We have three little visitors (and their mum) here. It’s been a long time since I’ve had young boys around, and it’s awakened so many memories of when our boys were similar ages.

These kids are country kids and so didn’t immediately ask if the TV worked and if they could watch it. Nor did they spend all their time on tablets or phones playing games. There were far too many other things to do.

The trampoline that has sat idle for years has had a reawakening with all sorts of movements happening on it, and the odd squabble about whose turn it was. The dogs looked on, wondering if they should join in or not.

My backyard, once again, contains an assortment of bikes, graders, trucks — oh and the washing trolley. It doubles as a truck but proves a bit difficult to drive on grass. A piece of random board becomes a ramp and walking on freshly graded roads is frowned on.

I’d forgotten how wonderful chats with kids can be. When you have a discussion with an eight-year-old about why your house is cracking and then they say it’s a beautiful house anyway!

I was given instructions on how to make lemon ice — squeeze lemon juice into ice trays and freeze it. Not to eat but just for fun.

It didn’t take long to remember how tired little boys can get after a big day, yet how determinedly they will fight going to sleep, in case they miss out on something. Or how they snuggle when tired.

I remember why I thought it was so important to teach my kids manners, when I see these three take their plates to the sink after a meal, and say, “please” and “thank you”, with the odd reminder from mum.

The warming of my heart as I saw hubby leaning on the fence with a little fellow alongside chatting away.

Fair chance hubby couldn’t hear anything, but neither were bothered.

And the truck? A walk with the dogs and me to the dump to see old vehicles couldn’t compete with the lure of a toy truck and trailer found in the shed!

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