Scarborough: Wheel clamping clash caught on camera in carpark

Rory Campbell7NEWS
VideoA man has filmed a fiery clash with a wheel clamping officer in a Scarborough carpark.

An angry clash has been caught on camera after erupting in a Scarborough carpark between a driver and a wheel clamper.

The man whose car was clamped says he came under attack even though he had paid to have his car released.

With what appears to be a mallet in hand, the vision shows the wheel clamp worker clashing with the man he had just penalised.

“The gentleman lunged at me, told me to go away, smashed my phone so my phone screen’s smashed,” he said.

Around 11am today the man and his girlfriend parked outside their local café in a wheel clamping area.

They went into a food shop and a café around the corner but when they got back to their car it was being clamped.

They admit that they had breached the carpark terms by briefly going around the corner to the café.

But they said they did not expect to be attacked after paying $170 to have their car freed.

“I was quite scared and after it had happened, yeah I think both of us were rattled,” he said.

Meanwhile the landlord who owns the property said he saw what happened.

He says the man who filmed this had been agitating the worker, who didn’t throw a punch at him and only grabbed the phone.

When 7NEWS contacted the wheel clamping company for its version of what happened, a spokesperson said they had recently learned about the incident and were conducting an investigation.

They won’t be making a comment until the investigation is complete.

Wheel clamping is something the State Government wants to ban, and they’re hoping to pass legislation by the end of the year.

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