BASE jumpers filmed diving off Bluff knoll near Albany

The West Australian
VideoPictures have emerged of two daredevils jumping from one of WA's tallest peaks.

Video has emerged showing two daredevils jumping off a cliff at Bluff Knoll near Albany.

The video, which appeared on 7NEWS on Monday night, shows the pair flying at high speed hurtling towards the ground wearing what are known as wing suits.

The person who took the video has been identified as Chris Byrnes.

According to his social media profile he is the fastest wingsuit base jumper in the world and has 1200 skydives and 500 BASE jumps to his name.

Bluff Knoll is one of WA's tallest peaks, standing at 1098 metres above sea level.

Parks and Wildlife bosses strongly discourage base jumpers from performing such stunts in national parks and reserves.

Last year three men were fined between $800 and $1600 for jumping off the exchange plaza last year.

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