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Master Builders is the peak body representing the housing, commercial and civil/infrastructure construction sectors.

A few weeks ago, Master Builders members from around the country celebrated at the National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards.

The awards are the annual culmination of a nationwide grassroots process to determine the best of the best each year.

Entrants must be nominated by a local Master Builders Association and are required to have progressed from winning awards in their regions through to being judged the best in their state or territory.

The builders who have risen to this point become national finalists and their projects are assessed against those of their peers from every state and territory by the National Awards judging panel.

National winners were announced at the event in Cairns, with seven of the winners being based in Western Australia.

Master Builders Association of WA (MBA WA)would like to take this chance to congratulate PACT Construction, blanc., McCorkell Constructions, Multiplex, GBSC Yurra, DORIC Contractors and Summit Homes.

MBA WA applauds the achievements of all these businesses, which continue to showcase high standards of quality and set the bar for other businesses to strive for.

The 2022 National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards were important, as they were the beginning of the new normal, where restrictions have eased and businesses were recognised on a national platform for their exceptional work.

The National Excellence in Building & Construction Awards are made possible with thanks to our platinum sponsors – Toyota Australia, Cbus Super and MYOB.

We also thank our other valued sponsors and providers: InfraBuild, Office of the Federal Safety Commissioner, National Careers Institute, Simonds Homes, Master Builders Insurance Brokers, Structerre Consulting, canibuild, ARK Media, Screencraft Media and Business Events Cairns & Great Barrier Reef.

MBA WA are about to announce the winners of the 2022 Master Builders-Bankwest Housing Excellence Awards in June, along with the Master Builders-Bankwest Excellence in Construction Awards in July and the regional Building Excellence Awards during the year. Stay tuned to see which WA Master Builders are the best of the best.

If you would like to become a member and take part in our prestigious awards program, speak to our membership team on 9476 9800 or email to receive the latest news.

For more information on the finalists and winners from the awards program, visit and ask your builder if they are a Master Builder.

Q&A with MBA Housing and Construction Director Jason Robertson

The Question

I’m going to be building a small timber deck in my backyard as a winter project.

A friend said one key aspect I needed to consider was the durability of the timber I’m using.

What does this mean?

The Answer

Your friend has given you good advice.

Timber selection and use extends beyond the durability class or rating, which we can quickly discuss in a minute but let’s concentrate on durability.

Durability ratings basically mean the measurement of a natural piece of timber and its resistance to ageing, particularly from insects and fungi. Generally durability is specified in four classes, and they are numbered. Class one is the highest level and class four is the lowest. With decking, for example, you would want any timber touching the ground to be level one or two.

In addition, look also to strength ratings and hazard ratings.

With strength ratings, its measuring the timber under stress. The ratings are generally designated F and assigned a number. With decking, its generally accepted to have F7 or higher.

With hazard ratings, timber is given a H rating – this is for the nasty little critters such as termites and fungal growths. The levels represent chemical treatments to help with the hazards.

The higher the number, the greater the level of protection. With decking, it is a good idea to have H4 for any timber member in contact with the ground, and H3 for any that is not.

As always, if in doubt ask as many questions as needed and with the experts.

Good luck with your project.

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