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WA Executive Director and National Executive Director for People & Culture at Silver Chain Renae Lavell.
Camera IconWA Executive Director and National Executive Director for People & Culture at Silver Chain Renae Lavell. Credit: Supplied.

There is probably a high chance you know someone that needs extra help to get through their everyday lives.

There is a whole network of people in the care industry who make it happen, not simply because it is their job to, but because it is also what motivates them to get out of bed in the morning.

We spoke to WA Executive Director and National Executive Director for People & Culture at Silver Chain Renae Lavell all about it.

“I think once you’ve worked inside organisations that serve people, and are values and purpose driven, it’s very hard to move into other industries because of the intrinsic reward and motivation that you get,” Ms Lavell said.


Renae specifically works in home care; providing care for the elderly in their home spaces.

It is – and has been through the pandemic – an essential service for ageing Australians who want to remain in their homes as they age.

According to Renae home care positively affects the well-being of ageing Australians because they have continued community connection, the comfort of home, and memories are instilled around them.

A recent Royal Commission into aged care found the need for fundamental and systemic aged care reform.

“There’s a real focus on the quality and the safety of aged care, and there’s also very much a recognition that people would like to be able to remain in their homes for as long as possible,” Ms Lavell said.

“There’s a real security in what we do.”


Right now – with our ageing population – there is a growing need for compassionate people to fill these caring roles.

“The home care that we provide is in really high demand, and the government’s acknowledged that through providing more home care packages,” Ms Lavell said.

People looking for roles in caring should look for what benefits are on offer: flexible working arrangements, what the culture is like in the organisation, what sort of development and training is available, the security of the work, and the pay and conditions that come with that role.

“What I’d like to see is that there’s also more emphasis on the career pathway,” Ms Lavell said.

“(From) home help into care aide, and even if you wanted to continue on into nursing, that those pathways are available.”


When I asked Renae to tell me a story about the relationships between her staff and the people they care for she said there were hundreds, if not thousands of beautiful stories.

“It’s actually quite hard to pick out just one,” Ms Lavell said.

She said what stood out the most was how much they enjoyed the autonomy of going to the client’s homes and the special relationship that develops in that environment.

“They get that real privilege of entering into the life of a person,” Ms Lavell said.

“(A) unique perspective into the lives of ageing Australians.”

Silver Chain is known for the quality care it provides to their companions, a unique organisation, and an essential service, in growing need of your help. For the opportunity to grow and have a unique experience, visit the website.

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