The agile traits helping businesses shine in 2021

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The world of business has changed, how will you?
Camera IconThe world of business has changed, how will you? Credit: Supplied.

The past few years have thrown hurdles previously unimaginable at Australian businesses big and small, and highlighted the importance of agility and adaptability along the way.

In an environment where changing circumstances have become a constant, the ability of businesses – be they customer-facing retail, hospitality, legal, medical, corporate-focused or in any number of other fields – to adjust their offerings in quick time to suit customer and client needs has been as remarkable as it has been admirable.

Whatever their field of expertise, the Australian businesses which have been agile and adaptable have unequivocally risen to the top. The experts of the pivot are those with all the tools up their sleeve and the know-how to use them when the opportunity presents.

“Over the last year or two we have seen an immense adoption of technology across our national client base.

“This coupled with robust systems and a capable technology partner for support and guidance has allowed those businesses to lead the way in terms of agility and staying operationally efficient during such uncertain times,” IT consultancy CT Group Managing Director Anton Thysse said.

Here are some of the of the traits we see which set apart the businesses whose models are thriving in 2021.

They’re communicative

Whether a sudden shift to a click and collect model for a retailer or restaurant, the medical community’s move to telehealth, or a transition to online meetings for builders, lawyers and business-to-business facing operations – those thriving in 2021 have embraced new challenges as opportunities to refine the way they communicate for the better of their customers and clients.

For these businesses, locking down when required hasn’t meant shutting down. If anything, it’s resulted in greater communication with their customer bases around their wants and needs and made them more approachable and receptive than ever before.

They prioritise teamwork

Teamwork makes the dream work – never has this phrase been more true of the business world than in the last few years. Whatever the industry, it takes many hands and a coordinated effort to make a business succeed – especially when remote work factors are at play.

Those whose staff know exactly what’s required of them, when it’s required, and how to get it done – are the ones who tend to shine brightest.

They find workarounds when needed

This is the essence of agility, and it works to the strengths of those who are organised and diligent in the way their business structure is set up.

Those with the ability to think quickly and clearly around how their models can be tweaked to fit changing circumstances tend to stand out from the pack, gaining first-mover advantage. Often it comes down to having systems in the background – infrastructure which is well understood and can be tapped in quick time when the situation calls for it.

They’re user friendly

At the end of the day, adaptable service offerings mean very little to customers or clients if they’re not user friendly. The Aussie businesses which shine in the modern world are those which are able to offer solutions that allow their customers to access their services or goods with ease – those who don’t often find themselves left behind.

Creating an agile business also requires understanding and capability from your service providers. CT Group is an IT consultancy offering everything, from managed services to security solutions, hosting, voice communication right through to board advisory and consulting – one provider helping you to stay on your toes when it’s needed most.

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